The Cooldry yarn integrates the comfort of cotton with the capacity of rapid absorption of polyester, in this way the excess sweat is quickly transported outside. Minimizes the transmission of moisture from the skin to the outersurface of the fabric. The result: constant body temperature and saving energy for thermoregulation, giving to the wearer a feeling of comfort and well-being. The innovative design of yarn and fabric combined with the exclusive finishing methods makes the Cooldry an unique fabric breathable, soft and comfortable at the same time. The particular composition of the fiber reduces the weight of the fabric by 25% compared to a normal polyester fabric. It is resistant to stains, odor, bacteria, fungius and mildew.  It is softer, more natural and more comfortable than synthetic fibers and adheres to the body by promoting normal movements during physical activity, thanks to the ergonomic design of the product.


Recent studies have shown that those “who practice endurance sports uses up to 97% of its energy for thermoregulation”. This new awareness makes us a better understanding of how important is the greater cooling of the body to improves performance. Clothing made with this technology ensures that the heat is removed, allowing the distribution and the evaporation of sweat. The wet stays out, while the air stored insulates the body from cold. It quickly transports the body moisture to the outside guarantee a perfect  maintenance of body temperature. Is stain-resistant and resistant to odors, bacteria, fungus and mildew It is softer ,more natural touch and more comfortable than regular synthetic – fibers.It hader to the body favouring the movements  during the physically education thanks to the ergonomic design of the product.


During training, the compression has a positive effect on the physical efficiency, medical studies have shown the advantages of modern compression garments in providing support to the muscles, accelerate the supply of oxygen, increases the circulation of blood through the venous return, reducing the swelling and possible damage to the muscle itself , such as micro-cracks of the fibers. Furthermore, the compression, during physical exercise, increases resistance thanks to the reduction of muscle vibration which are the main cause of fatigue. These garment, used after exercise instead, promote recovery by stimulating that particular fibers exercise on muscles. the compression that the  particular yarn used for the construction of this garment, exercise in a variable way, on the muscular fibers, favoring blood circulation, and then the tissue oxygenation. In addition, the compression apparel has a supporting role in structural terms, which improves your posture and makes it more ‘easier and less strenuous physical activity. The yarns used for this particular clothing are the result of careful technological research. Adherent, but equally breathable, avoids  bad odours. To maintain the good quality of the garment and its performance is crucial always rinse after use and always wash in cold water without additives.