Gimer since 2000 distributes an American collection, ACT SEVEN innovative in clothing for running, where creativity, originality, lightness and quality are the key features of this new line, made with yarn of Super CoolDry / Dryntex, that in addition to being technologically advanced allow an elasticity and a total breathability, but especially a pleasant allow freedom of movement.The new line for running ACT7 is available in a wide range of contemporary colors and is aimed at athletes who require a practical clothing with high tecnica performance.

The Gimer is a manufacturer of sportswear  and accessories. Founded in 1963 as a knitwear factory for the production of clothing for football and basketball, has over time expanded its offerings dealing with different sectors of sports merchandise and pushing in the supply of accessories. Since 1998 , after having revolutionized his staff , embarked on a path of evolution that continues today , constantly adapting to the different needs of the market : has created significant business contacts with foreign suppliers, allowing them to further increase its already wide range of products, has revised its organizational structure and distribution, optimizing its space and equipment so as to achieve maximum speed of delivery of the goods. It has a particularly extensive sales network consisting of agents in Italy and abroad , the result of which is the commercial distribution of its products at over 4,500 stores located throughout the country