There are many reasons that lead runners to run. It may be the desire to improve their physical appearance but also to exceed their limits , the passion for the sport , the desire to feel better , or the pleasure of being outdoors . " Running is a way to know ourself and to know others , is a way to explore our territory , is a way to share healthy values ​​of sport." Running is a good omen so that sport can return to play their role of aggregation . Athletes and sponsorship of events , go hand in hand : it is vital to have much in the race competitive athletes as the visibility given by the event itself . Through the competitive events , we promote products always new ; innovative and technical , able to meet the needs of the "new runner " and those with more experience . It 's very important , in our field , focus on local events becomes a symbol of collective participation , which contributes to disseminate not only the brand but capable of promoting the garment itself through its use . It’s for this reason that in recent years, our company supports and promotes several events including the Legnano Night Run symbol of participation but also a metaphor of how we should deal with life , without stopping just as in a long run. This collaboration was born from the need to equip the athletes of technical garments that ensure comfort and freedom of movement during the race and the need  from the organizer to create a  lasting union with the brand of choice .